Perl Mailing Lists - Data and Contributing

Contributing Changes

We know that a lot of the data is out of date, as it has been collected from a variety of sources. Updates are welcome and encouraged.

Please send patches for lists.json (available below) as unified diffs (diff -u) to webmaster at or (preferred) via a pull request against the git repository.

Please use to make sure your JSON parses correctly (requires JSON from CPAN). The -d flag dumps out a properly formatted file.

Here's a suggested workflow:

cp lists.json lists.json.old
cp lists.json
edit -d > lists.json
diff -u lists.json.old lists.json


The underlying data for is available for download in JSON format: lists.json.

Key points:

  • All tags should be sorted. (i.e. $json->canonical(1);)
  • Top level keys should match /^[a-z0-9_.-]+$/
  • archive, nntp, rssfeed may be lists.


  • Create a "short description" and "long description" for each list.
  • Mark inactive lists as such.
  • Move categorization into the JSON file (maybe a "tags" element?) instead of hardcoding in the templates
  • Add missing lists. (There are some lists linked on the category pages that aren't in the JSON file, as well as lists we just don't know about.)
  • Write an automated archive-scraper for updating the "last message" timestamp?
  • Do we want to add all public perl monger lists? If so, write a script to sync.